Here I am again. Twice in one month, that’s a record! Like I said in my last post, I want this to become a regular thing, so I’m really trying. I’m here to share another outfit shot by the fabulous Michaela Witter. I also want to talk about an issue that I’ve struggled with my entire […]



I’m back and ready for action! I realize it’s been fucking forever (excuse my french), but there have been a lot of obstacles that have been in my way for months. Now I’m finally ridding my life of negativity and trying to focus on all the positives and this blog is definitely one of the […]

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August Favorites

Hello Fashionistas!  August has arrived and I don’t know how you feel about it, but I’m feeling a little stressed about it. People are heading back to school, it’s getting hotter than the Sahara out there and the end of summer is almost near. I’ve been graduated for about 3 months and I’ve been putting off job finding […]

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Summer Wedding Time

It’s finally summer, or at least in Colorado, it’s finally feeling like summer! Summer means many things like hiking, barbecues, baseball and that’s right, weddings. Summer is a popular season to get married in Colorado because it is absolutely beautiful! I realized I haven’t posted an actual fashion post on this blog, so I have […]

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So, a little warning, this post is going to be very different than my normal more chipper posts. Nothing to do with fashion, coffee, Denver, just me writing how I feel. So if you can’t get down with that, I suggest you move on.

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July Favorites

Hello Lovlies! I’m back at it again (with the white vans)… (only cool people will get that)… (but you’re all cool, who am I to tell you you’re not). Anyways, now that I’m (semi) out of my funk, I’m back writing again. With all this anniversary merchandise we’re getting into the store, it really is […]

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One Way.

  Hola Bloggerverse! Life has been… well let’s just say it’s been. I’ve been busy with work and being an adult (which really means a lot of naps and Netflix). Currently working at Nordy’s and I’m not loving life, but a job is a job right? At least, that’s what they say. I’m not sure […]

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Let’s Party!

Spring is in the air and it’s finally falling on one of my favorite times of the year: formals. . A sorority formal is like prom, it’s a time where you can dress up and have the night of your life with your sisters. Formals was always one of my favorite events that we held […]

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